Gilson PM-5 7UM-10", 10in Polyester Square, 7 micrometer

Mesh Opening Size:
7 micrometer
Mesh Size Range:
V015.PM-5 7UM-10"

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Cloth Squares for Two-Part Replaceable Mesh Sieves

Polyester Cloth Squares are specially designed to fit in either a nonmetallic or brass two part frame. Cloth is cut into 10in squares. Each square has a resilient material embedded in the mesh in a circular shape. This material helps cloth to seal with the accompanying two part frame.

Polyester resists abrasion, acids and most alkalis up to pH of 9-10, and has very good wet stability. For Polyester mesh sizes No. 100 to No. 230 (150 to 63µm) choices do not require the circular resilient material.

10in, 7µm Polyester Square is designed to fit non-metallic or brass two-part frames. Square cloth has a circle of tough, resilient material embedded in the mesh to act as a sealing gasket. Opening sizes are equivalent to ASTM E11 sizes but may not meet tolerance specifications.

Versatile polyester material is suitable for most applications because it resists abrasion, acids and most alkalis up to a pH of 9-10, while maintaining a strong wet stability.


  • Optimal for non-metallic or brass two-part sieve frames
  • Tough, robust material embedded in the mesh seals the gasket
  • Versatile polyester maintains a strong wet stability and resists abrasion, alkalis and most acids

Included Items:

  • 10in Polyester Square, 7µm