20,000lb Large Direct Shear Machine


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Large Direct Shear Machines test the shear resistance between a geosynthetic or geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) and the contact surface of a large soil sample according to test methods in ASTM D5321 and D6243. Using Karol-Warner’s pneumatic CONBEL™ system, horizontal shear loads are applied to 12in (304.8mm) square samples by four pneumatic pistons: two smaller pistons apply lighter loads up to 1,000lb (454kg) and two larger pistons apply loads up to 10,000lb (45kn) or 20,000lb (90kn), depending on the model used.

Horizontal shear rate from 0.0020.2in/min (0.05085.08mm/min) is easily set with digital thumbwheels on the control panel. Limit switches control the home position and limit total horizontal displacement to 4in (102mm). Vertical loads are controlled through a precision regulator, using the included calibration chart and are accurate to ±0.25%. Loading and unloading of the specimen and shear box assembly is simplified using the Compaction Table. The convenient table rollers allow the loaded shear box assembly to slide easily into and out of the chamber. Sample compaction, geotextile placement and specimen preparation are performed on the table.

A load cell attached to the water chamber measures shear load, while linear displacement transducers measure consolidation and shear displacement. A four channel readout displays vertical load, horizontal shear load, horizontal displacement and vertical displacement. Data can be exported to a computer via a mini USB and downloaded onto a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

The rugged design of the Large Direct Shear Machine stands up to the most stringent laboratory environments. All steel parts are powder coated and all aluminum parts are anodized to resist corrosion. Locking casters on the compaction table allow it to be easily relocated.

The 20,000lb Large Direct Shear Machine comes with two large pistons that apply shear loads up to 20,000lb (90kn).


  • Tests shear resistance of large, 12in (304.8mm) square samples
  • Features Karol-Warner’s pneumatic CONBEL™ loading system

Included Items:

  • 20,000lb Large Direct Shear Machine
    • 20,000lbf Load Cell
  • 4-Channel Digital Readout
  • Two 1in LVDT Displacement Transducers
  • Drainage Plates
  • Compaction Table
  • Water Chamber
  • Calibration Chart
Load Capacity

20,000lb (90kn)

Compressed Air Required Requires 120psi (827kPa) 
Strain Rate 0.002—0.2in/min (0.0508—5.08mm/min) 
Electrical 110V/60Hz or 220-240V/50Hz 
Net Weight 840lb (381kg) 
Product Dimensions 43 x 23 x 40in (1,090 x 584 x 1,020mm) WxDxH 
Estimated Shipping Weight 1,025lb (465kg)


Meets Test Methods:
ASTM D 5321
ASTM D 6243