3,000ml Mariotte Tube for the Double Ring Infiltrometer


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The 3,000ml Mariotte Tube for the Double Ring Infiltrometer is used with the Double-Ring Infiltrometer to determine the water infiltration rate of soil. The tubes measure water volume and function as a reservoir to maintain a constant head of water during testing. A valve at the base of the aluminum tube is used for filling and draining water. A top valve is used for venting when filling the tube. Divisions marked in millimeter on the side of the aluminum tube show the flow rate through a sight cut-out. The sturdy base plate provides stability.

Both tubes are included with the Double-Ring Infiltrometer and are also available individually as an additional or replacement item.


  • Marked divisions in millimeters
  • Sight cut-out on tube for reading water flow
  • Available in 3,000 or 10,000 ml capacity

Meets Test Method:
ASTM D 3385