3in Constant / Falling Head Test Set


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Constant / Falling Head Test Sets include a permeameter, Single Tube Manometer with Constant Head Reservoir, and Porous Stones or Perforated Plates, depending on permeameter size. The complete set is used to determine the coefficient of permeability for the laminar flow of water through granular soils. These economical Permeameters have the versatility for use with either constant head or falling head methods. They are not equipped with sidewall manometer ports, so do not strictly meet requirements of ASTM / AASHTO methods. Permeameters are offered with inside diameters from 2.5in (63.5mm) 9in (228.6mm) and are sized for sample lengths two times the diameter.

All models have clear acrylic chambers for observation during testing and anodized aluminum end caps. A spring applies 5-10lb (2.2-4.5kg) of force against the top stone or screen to prevent soil density changes during the test. Each chamber is equipped with valves, fittings, and either Porous Stones or Perforated Plates. Porous Stones are provided for 2.5in (63.5mm) through 4.5in (114.3mm) diameter models and Perforated Plates are included for 6in (152.6mm) and 9in (228.4mm) versions.


  • Economical and versatile for either constant head or falling head methods
  • Anodized aluminum end caps
  • Clear acrylic test chamber
  • Quality fittings for easy operation and long life

Included Items:

  • Constant / Falling Head Sand & Gravel Permeameter
  • Two Porous Stones
  • 3859 Single Tube Manometer with Constant Head Reservoir
  • Tubing