5in Triaxial Test Cell


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This Triaxial Test Cell is used for triaxial shear testing of soil specimens up to 4in (101.6mm) diameter, and can do double-duty for testing of Flex-Wall Permeability soil samples.  The clear, heavy acrylic chamber wall is rated to 150psi (10.3bar) pressure. A low-friction, precision ground and polished stainless-steel loading piston is mounted through an internally lubed u-cup to seal in pressurized fluid. The test cell features quality zero-volume change brass ball valves and fittings. Heavy, machined aluminum base and top are anodized to resist corrosion.

Triaxial Test Cell Kits contain all components required to test a particular specimen size, and are purchased separately to outfit the cell for each size tested. Kits include a Top Cap and Bottom Pedestal, two Porous Stones, four Sealing O-Rings and two 0.012in Latex Membranes. The pedestal is keyed to prevent pinching of tubing during set up and have flow-through lines. Components are also available individually. At least one Kit or the necessary individual components are required for proper operation of the Test Cell. Additional Kits and components are available.


  • Cell chamber is 5in (127mm) inside diameter for specimen diameters up to 4in (101.6mm)
  • Clear acrylic cell walls are pressure rated to 150psi
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum base and top
  • High quality zero volume change valves and fittings in brass

Included Items:

  • 3500 5in Triaxial Test Cell
  • Fluid Lines
  • Dial Indicator Bracket
Maximum Specimen Size 4.0in (101.6mm) 
Pressure Rating 150psi (10.3bar) 
Inside Diameter 5in (127mm) 
Inside Chamber Height 12.125in (308mm)

Triaxial Test Cells meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements for triaxial shear testing of soil samples. Models are sold as basic Test Cells, then outfitted for testing specific sample sizes with your choice of available Test Cell Kits or individual components and accessories, purchased separately.

Sample Diameter Compatibility
Triaxial Test Cell 1.4in 1.5in 1.87in 2.0in 2.36in 2.42in 2.5in 2.8in 3.0in 4.0in 6.0in
(35.6mm) (38.1mm) (47.5mm) (50.8mm) (59.9mm) (61.5mm) (63.5mm) (71.1mm) (76.2mm) (101.6mm) (152.4mm)