A&D GF-3000 Toploader Balance, 3100g x 0.01g


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These A&D balances all have a splash proof keyboard and display to protect from dust and spills. All have GLP/GMP/ISO compliance, standard RS- 232C to connect to PC, display auto power-off function and data memory function. Also included is the standard Weigh-Below Hook, interval time setting, auto power-on function, auto re-zero function, front bubble level, and quick reference card. All models perform density calculations, have time and date functions, and include WinCT™ Data Collection Software.

All balances have 6.5x6.5in (165x165mm) large square pans for easy access in weighing sample and also have multiple weighing units to include g, CT, dwT, etc.

The clear vacuum flourescent display is easy to see and has wide angle view to prevent mistakes from any viewing angle. Stabilization time is 1.5 seconds or less. Operating temperature is 5°—40°C (41°—104°F). Power is supplied with 110V AC adapter.


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