Add-On Panel w/ Connection for Master Panel Readout


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Triaxial / Permeability Control Panels combine precise control, logical layout and quality components for use in triaxial and flex-wall permeability testing of soils. These panels offer sturdy cabinet construction with controls for air pressures located on the upper half of the panel and controls for water pressures on the lower half. Precision regulators set and control pressures, and zero-displacement ball valves are used for positive shutoff. Two 50cc burettes with 0.1cc graduations for flow measurement, and two 4cc pipettes with 0.008cc graduations are included. These are located inside two storage chambers which have additional capacity of 400cc each.

Cell water interface utilizes a 20cc burette. The panel and cell can be conveniently filled and drained from the front panel. A bias control feature allows the user to set the effective cell pressure and increase both cell and sample back pressure using only one regulator. This minimizes air consumption during saturation and causes no change in effective stress. Easy-access air, water, vacuum and drain connectors are located on the rear of the panel. All connections and tubing for the cell are conveniently located on the front of the panel.

Add-On Panel requires connection to a Master Panel w/ Pressure Readout in order to set and control Test Cell and sample pressures for Triaxial or Flex-Wall Permeability Test Cells. Once connected to the Master Panel, Add-On Panels can be controlled using the factory-installed digital readout for setting of the Test Cell and sample pressures.


  • Master Panel is designed to function alone or with Add-On Panel
  • Add-On Panel allows simultaneous testing of more than one sample
  • Suitable for Triaxial or Flex-Wall Permeability soil testing

Included Items:

  • Add-On Panel w/ Connection for Master Panel Readout
  • High-quality valves and regulators for precise control
  • Two 50cc burettes, graduated to 0.1cc
  • Two 4cc pipettes, graduated to 0.008cc
Pressure Rating 150psi (10.3bar) 
Net Weight 45lb (20.4kg) 
Product Dimensions 21 x 6.25 x 37.25in (533.4 x 158.8 x 946.2mm) WxDxH 
Estimated Shipping Weight 65lb (29.5kg)

Meets Test Methods:

ASTM D 2850
ASTM D 4767
ASTM D 5084