Gilson TSA-115 3/4" ASTM 3/4in Round-Hole Testing Screen Tray with Cloth for Gilson Testing Screen Shaker

Tray Type:
Full Tray
ASTM E323, D4749 Opening Size:
19.1mm (.75in)
V015.TSA-115 3/4"

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ASTM Perforated Plate Testing Screen & Test-Master® Trays

For testing of coal (ASTM D4749), ores, wood chips, and other special materials, Gilson Testing Screen and Test-Master Trays are available fitted with perforated steel plate. The precision punched round openings range from 1/8 to 4in (3.18 to 100mm).

The Trays and Plates meet the requirements of ASTM E323 for round-hole openings.

These screen cloths are 16" x 16.5" (406 x 419mm) in size and designed for use with Gilson Testing Screen Shakers and the Gilson Test-Master Shakers.

TSA-115 3/4in (19.1mm) Perforated Plate Screen Tray for Gilson Testing Screen and Test-Master® Testing Screens is fitted with round-hole precision punched steel used for coal testing, ores, wood chips, and other special materials. Tray meets ASTM E323 and ASTM D4749 specifications for punched plate opening sizes.


  • Steel plate is precision-punched with round holes
  • Used to test coal, ores, wood chips, and other special materials
  • Meets ASTM standards

Included Items:

  • 3/4in Perforated Plate Screen Tray

Meets Standard(s):

  • ASTM E323 
  • ASTM D4749


  • Tray Type: Full Tray
  • ASTM E323, D4749 Opening Size: 19.1mm (.75in)
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 16.5x 5.3in (406 x 419 x 76mm) WxDxH
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 18.0lb (8.16kg)