Gilson AJ-103 Basic Mikro Air Jet Sieve for 200mm Test Sieves

Sieve Frame Diameter:
Shaker Agitation:
Air Jet
Test Sieve Capacity:
1 Air Jet
Particle Size Range:
No.4 - No.635

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The Basic Mikro Air Jet Sieve for 200mm Test Sieves is an accurate and reliable single-sieve system for 10 to 100g samples of dry powders from No. 4 to No. 635 (4.75mm to 20μm). Operation is clean and quiet. A rotating slotted nozzle supplies positive air pressure to gently fluidize the sample in a covered test sieve. Exiting air is drawn downward with an external vacuum system, creating a negative pressure to carry undersize particles to a collection canister. Air Jet sieving action is gentle, effective, and especially useful for fragile or low specific gravity materials. Test times and vacuum/pressure settings are controlled through the integrated computer, with capacitive touch screen controls and display. Basic or Advanced versions are offered, each with separate models configured for use with ISO 200mm and older style Air Jet Test Sieves, or with ASTM 8in (203mm) diameter Test Sieves.

The Basic Mikro Air Jet Sieve for 200mm Test Sieves is suitable for specific micron size evaluation. It consists of the base unit with a clear acrylic sieve cover, slotted brass air nozzle, electronic controls and integrated computer and touch screen display. The 15-Watt bevel-gear motor has lifetime lubricated bearings. The cast aluminum instrument housing features a built-in pressure differential gauge and has a baked enamel finish. An integral electrical outlet provides a convenient connection for the vacuum system, which is purchased separately. Vacuum is monitored at the housing outlet and has a control valve for adjustment.

The Basic Mikro Air Jet Sieve for 200mm Test Sieves accepts 200mm ISO Test Sieves or old-style Air Jet Test Sieves.

A vacuum system is required for operation and purchased separately. The Vacuum System is recommended for best performance over a wide range of materials, including very fine and conductive specimens. The Standard Vacuum System has a low-noise 1,000-Watt motor and low-profile epoxy-lined steel filter canister with 4gal (15L) capacity. Note that the Standard Vacuum System is not designed for conductive materials or materials with high fines content.

The Cyclone Collector, used in conjunction with the vacuum systems, assures greatest recovery of sub-micron fines.


  • Accurate and reliable system for 10 to 100g dry powder samples from 4.75mm to 20μm
  • Sieving action appropriate for fragile or low specific gravity materials
  • Models configured for ISO 200mm or old-style Air Jet Test Sieves, or ASTM E11 8in test sieves
  • High-clarity, accurate capacitive touch screen
  • 12 language options
  • 20 GB of storage
  • Programmable vacuum pressure in (In H2O, mmHg, InHg, Pa, psi)
  • Rotational speed boost for deagglomeration of difficult samples
  • Suitable for operation with external USB keyboard and mouse
  • CE certified
  • Advanced model only is compatible with most printers (Wi-Fi capable)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Included Items:

  • Basic Mikro Air Jet Sieve for 200mm Test Sieves
  • Polycarbonate Sieve Cover
  • Plastic Tapping Hammer
  • Nylon Brush

Sieve Frame Diameter 8in (203mm)

Particle Size Range      No.4—No.635 (4.75mm—75µm)

Motion/Agitation        Air Jet

Sieve Capacity 1

Application      Dry Powders: Chemicals, Minerals, Food, Plastics or Cosmetics

Electrical         100-230V / 50-60Hz / 20Amps

Display Touch Screen Controls with Built-in Timer

Volume           10 - 100g Sample Volume

Product Dimensions   16.5 x 10.5 x 7.5in (419 x 267 x 191mm), WxDxH

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