Bel-Art 37902-0010 Economy Pipette Pump III 10ml Pipettor; Green

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These lightweight pipetting devices are designed for quick and accurate one-handed operation and offer accuracy at an affordable price. The ergonomic design enhances comfort, utility, and dispensing precision while helping to reduce the risk of hand and wrist strain, or injury from repetitive and awkward pipetting motions. U.S. Patent 7,093,507; European Patent E1477227A2
  • Allows arm to remain in a more natural, lowered position, unlike other pipettors that require arm and elbow elevation for many pipetting actions
  • Optimally located thumb wheel enables a relaxed grip and ease of rotation for precision aspirating or dispensing down to single drops; can be used to blow out the pipette
  • Self-stabilizing collar inside the silicone chuck holds either glass or plastic pipettes 
  • Compact design adds only 15.2cm (6") to the pipette length, allowing use in fume hoods and controlled environment glove boxes
  • Available in three color-coded pipette volumes
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, and most solvents; can be disassembled for cleaning
Bel-Art Economy Pipette Pump III 10ml Pipettor; Green (37902-0010)

Bel-Art 37902-0010 Economy Pipette Pump III 10ml Pipettor; Green