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Why & How To Use pH Meters For Soil Testing

19th Dec 2018

If you've had trouble with gardening in the past, it might not be because you're lacking a green thumb. The true culprit could be that your soil's pH level is too high or low for your plants to liv … read more

Which Soil Testers Do You Need Before Construction?

15th Nov 2018

There are a great number of soil tests available to help determine what engineering is needed before construction can begin at a site. The tests are a critical part of construction material testing (C … read more

Steps & Tips For Successful Proctor Soil Compaction Tests

11th Oct 2018

Of all the material tests that take place at a construction site, the Proctor soil compaction test is one of the most important. Performing accurate testing in-situ or in the lab can determine the suc … read more

Air and Concrete: How Much Should They Mix?

10th Sep 2018

The air entrainment process is a crucial for creating strong concrete that can weather the elements. As such, the concrete air test is just as necessary as other common strength and slump tests. … read more