Check Compression With The Perfect Concrete Testing Product

Check Compression With The Perfect Concrete Testing Product

4th Jun 2014

When setting up your concrete project, you want to know that it will be able to hold the necessary load and weight to properly support the structure that you're building. At Certified Material Testing Products, it is our mission to provide you with the necessary tools, equipment, and accessories that will allow you to successfully execute your concrete pour. When you're looking for the perfect concrete testing product, visit our site and find exactly what you need.

If the next step in your concrete process is testing its compression, then we have the machine for you. Our 250K Concrete Compression Machine can be used on a variety of cubes, cores, and cylinders, and will properly assess the compression strength of your concrete samples. The 1/2 HP motor stays cool and runs quietly, and you can add or take away accessories and add-ons as needed. The attached Pro Controller gives you real-time data and accurate readouts, letting you know if your concrete is as strong as it should be. We also carry machine stands, spacers, and test kits that will allow to you evaluate several samples in one session.

Achieve the results you need with a concrete testing product from our store. We offer a full line of concrete products, from compression machines to mixers, as well as air entrainment kits and crack monitors. You'll be well-equipped for your next concrete project, and will know that everything is under control and properly maintained. You'll be able to catch flaws before it's too late, and rectify any errors before the final pour is made.