Drill Successfully with Certified Concrete Testing Products

Drill Successfully with Certified Concrete Testing Products

19th Jun 2014

When you need to drill out a core in concrete, you need a machine that's stable, reliable, and of course, durable. At Certified Material Testing Products, we have the product that's perfect for your needs. Among our fantastic line of certified concrete testing products is our Gas Powered Core Drill, which allows you to set up quickly, drill successfully, and remove your core with no problem at all.

With this gas powered drill, you won't have to worry about stretching extension cords and having a power supply close at hand for your concrete project. This drill allows for several sizes of diamond core bits, with a maximum size of 8 inches. Your water supply attaches easily, giving you an even distribution of moisture for drilling. Always remember to take it slow and steady when drilling, so as not to dull or wear down your core bit. For when you're done drilling, we also carry retrieval tongs that make pulling the newly drilled core out of the hole. You'll be able to drill through the concrete, rebar, and any other reinforcing material that you encounter.

Don't let core drilling be a cumbersome task. Visit our site and find all of the certified concrete testing products that you'll need to make your project a smooth and stress-free endeavor. We can ship internationally, so no matter where you are, you can purchase some of the finest concrete products on the market. We know that your new core drill, mixer, or test cylinder will serve you well in the shop or in the field.