Measure the Strength with a Concrete Testing Product

Measure the Strength with a Concrete Testing Product

28th Feb 2014

When you pour concrete on a job site, you want it to be strong and solid. Even the slightest inaccuracy or weak spot can compromise the integrity of your structure. At Certified Material Testing Products, we want to provide our customers with equipment that will allow them to know the job has been done correctly and safely. If you need to measure the strength of your latest project, pick up a new concrete testing product from our online store. We carry test hammers, test cylindersmeasuring tools, and many other accessories.

Our Type N Concrete Test Hammer is a perfect lightweight accessory for testing the compressive strength of concrete. If you think that fire or ice has damaged the integrity of your concrete, a test hammer is one of the best ways to determine where weak spots may exist. This test hammer provides accurate readings and can detect concrete strength between 1400 and 10000 psi. We also sell grinding stones and calibration anvils for concrete test hammers, so no matter what you need, you'll find it in our store.

When searching for a new concrete testing product, make your first stop at Certified Material Testing Products. We guarantee that you'll receive superior service and will be able to communicate with representatives that can help with any questions that you may have. You'll find our prices to be competitive and our customer care to be extraordinary. Make sure your concrete is strong and solid by picking up great testing products today.