Take Samples with Ease by Using Certified Concrete Testing Products

Take Samples with Ease by Using Certified Concrete Testing Products

21st Apr 2014

When you need to take an accurate measurement of a concrete cylinder, you need a tool that can be relied on again and again. Even the slightest miscalculation can cause a big problem when you're setting and pouring your cylinders. If you're searching for certified concrete testing products, browse the inventory at Certified Material Testing Products, and we know that you'll find exactly what you need. With micrometers, testing cylinders, and more, you'll be able to accurately estimate the diameter and strength of your concrete columns.

This Concrete Micrometer will provide detailed readings every time you use it. It features spindles of hardened steel and the thimble and sleeve are finished in chrome, so you know that it will stand up to test after test. With readings in the hundredths to the thousandths of an inch, you'll be able to take exact measurements of your concrete test cylinders. If you need test cylinders, you'll find that our 4x8 Model to be reliable and long-lasting. We also have calipers, core length devices, and cylinder measuring tapes.

Shop with us today and find certified concrete testing products that give you an accurate reading each and every time. It's our mission to provide our customers with the testing equipment that makes each project run smoothly. You can feel confident that your measurements are right and that your concrete will turn out solid and strong. If you'd like to learn more about any of our products, please call (800)-940-1928 or drop us a line at