Test Cement With Superior Products

Test Cement With Superior Products

Posted by Madwire on 10th Nov 2014

What kind of material do you use when testing to make sure your concrete pour will hold up and last for years to come? If you have been searching for materials testing equipment, but you haven’t been lucky enough to find exactly what you are looking for, you need

When you decide that is for you, you will quickly realized that we have everything you’ve been dreaming about and more! We have everything from beam testing equipment to corrosion testing. The sky's the limit when you shop online with A great product, if you are looking to test beams you have just set in place, is by purchasing the Plastic Concrete Beam Mold. This mold is definitely a durable product. It comes a size of 6” x 6” x 21” and meets many different test methods. You can find the methods it meets online now to be sure it will work for the job you are complete. More specs about this product includes ribbed interlocking parts that can hold all of the specific dimensions and shape securely, without worry. Don’t worry, the interior of this mold is smooth, so that water cannot sneak in.

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