The Proper Pressure with Certified Concrete Testing Products

The Proper Pressure with Certified Concrete Testing Products

19th Mar 2014

Concrete is literally the building block of any construction site, and when you're pouring a new column or slab, you want to make sure that it will stand up to pressure and temperature change. In order to get an accurate reading of the air bubbles in your concrete, you need certified concrete testing products, such as an air entrainment meter. At Certified Material Testing Products, you'll find the meter you need, along with every valve cap, latch assembly, and anything else you need in terms of replacement parts.

This Type B Concrete Air Meter is ideal for any concrete project, and provides accuracy and durability for any job site. The stainless steel clamps are made to last and the housing, also stainless steel, requires less maintenance and calibration. You'll be able to easily read the pressure gauge and will know that you can rely on what the meter says. You'll find this meter and the rest of our certified concrete testing products to be affordable, reliable, and accurate. We also sell complete air testing kits, providing you with everything you need in one convenient package.

Make sure your project is completed correctly by shopping with Certified Material Testing Products today. You'll not only find products for concrete, but equipment for soil testing, asphalt, aggregate, and more. We can ship to anywhere in the world (with certain restrictions) so no matter where you are, you can find reliable testing equipment for your next project. Once your concrete is set, you'll know that everything was done right.