What's The Big Deal With Materials Testing?

What's The Big Deal With Materials Testing?

Posted by Madwire on 4th Nov 2014

Certified Material Testing Products takes pride in our work and the quality of product that we offer to our customers. Much like our customers, we're hardworking, honesty, and reliable. We know you want to get all aspects of the job done correctly the first time and that's exactly what we strive to do, too. But why is materials testing equipment so important? Is it really needed for concrete, asphalt, soil, and many other things?

Oftentimes, materials testing is the last part of the production process. Quality is the result of both the process and the material. If the material that goes into the process is defective, then the end result may be defective and not be safe. You can't improve a product's quality after the fact! For a manufacturer, it is crucial that they make sure their product does not exhibit Hookean behavior, which means the stress in a material is proportional to the strain that produced it, although many products exhibit this behavior. This is important because the performance of a structure is often determined by the amount of deformation that's permitted. An optical grinding machine can ruin a lens with error of a thousandth of an inch, where a bridge truss could allow error for a couple inches.

Properties that should be tested when testing materials for quality are its tensile strength, yield strength and Young’s Modulus of Elasticity.

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