Which Vortex Mixer is Best for My Lab?

Which Vortex Mixer is Best for My Lab?

16th Jan 2018

Vortex mixers are a necessary piece of equipment for any lab that deals with the combination of liquids, solutions, and suspensions. The technology they utilize - in which blasts of energy are delivered to the components in question in order to combine them on a cellular level - cannot be replicated by centrifuges or similar equipment that simply mix the materials together. That said, not all vortex mixers are the same. These essential machines are designed to fulfill specific mixing needs, can be found in analog or digital formats and can range in speed from 200 to 4500 RPM. This variety in capabilities is necessary to cover the limitless range of materials that can be found in a laboratory setting and the limitless amount of ways in which those materials can be handled and tested. Luckily, the models in our extensive catalog can cover virtually any combination task you might need a vortex mixer for - you just need to choose the one that best suits the needs of your lab.

All-Around Vortex Mixer

If your lab regularly combines different materials in a variety of unique ways, you'd likely be better served with a vortex mixer that's less specialized and more suited to admirably tackle a great number of mixing tasks. The Ohaus VXHDDG Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixer fits that bill and then some, as its flexible design allows users to handle materials in a variety of different vessels and mix them at either user-set or digitally-controlled speeds. Though this model is a little more expensive than similar models in our catalog, its ability to be fitted with a wide range of accessories eliminates the need for other mixers, which may in fact save you money on your overall equipment costs. Those accessories allow the VXHDDG to work with mictrotubes, microplates and tubes ranging from .5 to 50 milliliters. That flexibility - when combined with its heavy-duty construction and its ability to operate continuously - make the VXHDDG the workhorse of any lab.

High-Volume Vortex Mixer

Speaking of workhorses, certain models of vortex mixers are better suited for high-volume labs that require a large amount of samples to processed with exceptional speed and accuracy. If that sounds like your lab, then look no further than the Ohaus VXMTAL Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer. Its interchangeable foam racks allow for the simultaneous vortexing of up to 15 tubes ranging from 10 to 29 millimeters in diameter, vortexing that is achieved by securing the top of the sample while the bottom rotates at a manually-set or digitally-controlled speed. The incredible motion of this machine is anchored by the suction cups set into its base, which prevents the VXMTAL from sliding even when operating at full capacity.

Space-Saving Vortex Mixer

If your lab's already crammed to the gills with equipment, the last thing you want to do is introduce another piece of machinery and make things even more crowded. Luckily, the Lab Companion VM-96A Vortex Mixer is designed to fit in even the most cramped of labs, as its low-profile construction and small footprint means that it can be stored or used just about anywhere. What's more, this compact dynamo can be fitted with a wide range of accessories, making it every bit as flexible as it is convenient. That flexibility also extends to its modes of operation, as the VM-96A can operate at touch, continuous, and high-continuous speeds while also boasting dynamic and real-time mixing abilities. This model is also exceptional for labs running on a tight budget, as its affordable initial purchase price is made all the more attractive by the low amount of maintenance required by its sparkless, quick-accelerating BLDC motor. Looking to match your new mixer to your existing equipment? Lab Companion also manufacturers mixers in a variety of other colors including the Orange VM-96TO Vortex Mixer and the Persian Blue VM-96TB Vortex Mixer models that are every bit as stylish as they are efficient and compact.

Vortex Mixer for Precision Jobs

Though all laboratory equipment should be precise, some models are simply better at producing repeatable results than others. The Ohaus VXMPDG Microplate Vortex Mixer is one of those models, a microprocessor-controlled piece of precision machinery designed to operate continuously throughout its speed range. Its digital controls allow the user exact and simultaneous command of both the model's operation speed and its timer, allowing for easy on the fly adjustments. Though its high speed and small orbit makes the VXMPDG ideal for microplate mixing, it also comes with a cup head accessory to mix components in single tubes when necessary.

Vortex Mixers for Your Lab

The models listed above by no means the entirety of our vortex mixer catalog. Please browse our vortex mixer listings online for our extensive selection of machines and accompanying accessories. Need help deciding which mixer is best for your lab? Please feel free to send us an e-mail or to give us a call at (800) 940-1928. Our knowledgeable customer service associates can help you choose the model that best suits your needs and can recommend other Certified MTP items that can boost the capacities and capabilities of your lab.