Transtec Group 301006-X8 Button Sensor 8ft Lead Cable For Command Center Maturity System


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Self-powered COMMAND Center Sensor with a long 8ft (2.4m) cable. Sensors measure, store, and upload data to COMMAND Center devices and software. Sensors will be programmed to take measurements at the intervals you specify, from 1 to 255 minutes; 30 minutes or less for maturity applications, and 60 minutes a common choice for temperature monitoring. You will never need to “turn on” or “initiate” these sensors because we ship them to you preconfigured and ready for concrete.

The sensor can store a total of 2048 temperature readings internally at any given time. We configure the sensor to measure the concrete temperature at any time interval required (usually specified by the customer). For example, if the sensor needs to measure the concrete temperature every 30 minutes (as required for concrete maturity applications per ASTM C 1074), then the sensor will hold about 42 days of consecutive temperature readings taken 30 minutes apart. The total collection of consecutive readings varies in length by how often the readings are taken—the more frequent the temperature needs to be taken, the smaller the window of total buffered readings.

Meets Test Methods
ASTM C 1074
ASTM C 918