Carter Day Uni-Flow Tester 220V 1/2HP Motor & DC Speed Control


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Carter Day Uni-Flow Tester

The CARTER DAY Uni-Flow is designed to separate products of different lengths by using an 18" diameter indented shell.

The short product fits into the indents in the rotating cylinder shell and the unit operates on the centrifugal force principle. The speed of the cylinder holds the particle in the indent, lifting it out of the mass until the indent is inverted. At this point, gravity causes the particle to fall out into a catch trough. The tilt or angle of the trough can be adjusted to select the "cut point" of the long and fine particle separation. Shorter product is always rejected and over-tailed.

Unit is supplied with ½ HP motor and D.C. speed control less indent cylinders. 

Ship wt. 200 lbs.


  • Uni-Flow Tester W/ 110V 1/2HP Motor & DC Speed Control
  • Uni-Flow Tester W/ 220v 1/2HP Motor & DC Speed Control