Seedburo ECLSW Clipper Eclipse 324 Cleaner Wire Mesh Screen


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Clipper Eclipse Model 324 Seed and Grain Cleaner

Seedburo's Clipper Eclipse Model 324 cleaner is ideal for small commercial and on-farm applications. The Eclipse Model 324 is a durable, well built machine. Features a heavy-duty tubular steel frame, 13-ply marine grade plywood shoes, scotch-ply hangers, heavy-duty eccentric (shoe) drive, ball tray screen cleaning system and plain inlet hopper. Designed with three (3) 24 ½" x 22¼" screens. The top screen handles scalping while the bottom two screens offer thorough cleaning and grading. The bottom two screens can be set to a scalp/sift flow by removing the two-way splitter. Adjustable air separation completes the efficient cleaning process. Over 175 different sizes of perforated metal or wire cloth screens are available.

Actual dims. 54" L x 41" W x 63" H. Net wt. 750 lbs Ship wt. 1000 lbs. Ship dims. 57" L x 47" W x 72" H.

Models and Parts

  • ECL324*: Eclipse 334 Cleaner Complete with 3 Screens, 3/4HP, 110/220V 60Hz, 1 Ph
  • ECL324/A*: Eclipse 324 Cleaner Complete with 3 Screens, 3/4HP, 110/220V 50Hz, 1 Ph

Note: domestic/export crating must be selected with the items above.

  • *ECL/DOM: Required Crating for Domestic or Export
  • ECLSM: Extra Standard Metal Perforated Screens
  • ECLSMCS: Extra Standard Metal Perforated Screens, Cross Slot 
  • ECLSW: Extra Wire Mesh Screen
  • ECLSWR: Extra Rectangle Wire Screen
  • ECLBA: Bagging Auger Attachment For 324 Eclipse Cleaner 110/220V
Clipper Eclipse 324 Cleaner Wire Mesh Screen

Seedburo ECLSW Clipper Eclipse 324 Cleaner Wire Mesh Screen