Concrete Curing Equipment

Our concrete curing equipment will you preserve your newly poured concrete by maintaining the temperature, dampness, and quality as it dries. Our concrete curing equipment will help you test all these factors to make sure your concrete slabs do not develop cracks, also called crazing, from drying out too quickly. Use our concrete curing boxes and curing tanks to properly store your concrete during this process. You can also adjust the temperature and moisture of your concrete samples using our fogging fans, misting systems, or moisture room control panel.

Concrete Curing Boxes

Certified MTP offers a wide range of concrete curing boxes, racks, and other storage containers to help you with the concrete curing process. Our concrete curing boxes are made to protect concrete specimens before curing in a number of scenarios. The Deluxe Thermocure Concrete Curing Box features a recirculating temperature control for applications that use higher temperatures. The Economy Thermocure Concrete Curing Box is very portable and perfect for field work. Our popular Concrete Curing Box is an economical way to test your concrete molds in almost any environment.

Concrete Curing Tanks

No matter what your project, our range of concrete curing tanks are built in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. From our 40 Gallon Plastic Concrete Curing Tank to our 300 Gallon Galvanized Metal Curing Tank, we are sure to have the curing tank to help you produce quality molded concrete specimens including cylinders, beams, and more. Sustain the flow of your concrete mixture in these tanks with our Curing Tank Circulator Pump. You can also maintain the temperature of your concrete with our Curing Tank Heater.