Gilson HM-714A Concrete Cylinder End Grinder, 4" Cylinders


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The Concrete Cylinder End Grinder, 4" (102mm) Cylinders, is equipped to handle up to six 4in (102mm) cylinders in each cycle, and is recommended when only 4in diameter specimens are to be tested.

• Four to six specimens can be prepared at once; as many as 100 per day.

• Eliminates need for qualification testing of capping materials for high-strength concrete.

• Reduces health and safety concerns and is much less labor intensive.

The Concrete Cylinder End Grinder is an essential tool for modern concrete laboratories. This multi-sample preparation unit eliminates the need for qualification testing or documentation of common capping methods, especially when testing design strengths exceeding 7,000psi (48.3mPa). It eliminates time consuming and labor intensive sulfur-capping and reduces health hazards and safety concerns. It can also “save” samples with damaged or poorly finished ends that would otherwise be unusable for testing. Large laboratories with heavy sample volumes will find this machine cost-effective for processing their regular concrete samples on a daily basis. 100 or more cylinders can be processed in a typical workday, and can be tested immediately. No plumbing or drains are required and dust hazards are eliminated. Technicians are free to perform other duties during grinding cycles.

Once the cylinders are mounted in the carousel and the grinding cycle started, operation is entirely automated. The grinder continues to operate until a preset 4mm of material has been removed from each sample. The machine then polishes the cylinder ends and automatically shuts down. The included water tank and pump circulate water to the diamond grinding head for cooling and flushing of cuttings.

The Cylinder End Grinders require 30A power supply at 208-220V/60Hz single phase. Inquire for units wired for 50Hz power supply.

Dimensions: 48x48x60in (1,219x1,219x1,524mm), WxDxH.

Meets Test Methods:
CSA A23.1-04
CSA A23.2-04