Concrete Hygro-i Inspection 75% RH Calibration Salt Check


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Excessive moisture in concrete can cause serious, expensive covering and coating failures making relative humidity (RH) measurements critical.  The new Hygro-I Inspection Kit from Tramex can be recalibrated as necessary using these reference materials 75% RH.

Excessive moisture in concrete floors can cause expensive floor covering or coating failures such as de-bonding, warping, blistering, and increased potential for mold growth. Relative Humidity (RH) Measurement Systems provide a complete profile of moisture content throughout the slab, not just the surface. With these systems, a 3/4in (19mm) borehole is drilled to the specified depth and humidity levels are measured periodically using electronic moisture sensing probes. The boreholes and probes require time to reach temperature and moisture equilibrium before accurate readings can be obtained. Probes are installed below the floor surface and do not interfere with normal construction activities. After monitoring is complete, the test holes are easily filled with standard cementitious patching compound. Both systems meet the requirements of ASTM F2170.

The Concrete Hygro-i Inspection Kit by Tramex is versatile and efficient. It features a special tool for easy insertion and recovery of the multi-use Hygro-i probes for re-use, maintenance, or periodic calibration checks. Complete kit includes everything required for concrete humidity testing, and is based on the popular CMEXpert ll Moisture Meter. The meter may also be used alone for concrete surface moisture testing to ASTM F2659, and with the Hygro-i probes for ambient measurements of relative humidity, temperature, and dew point. Inquire for additional components to conduct the ASTM F2420 floor moisture test using an insulated hood and RH probes.

Range is 0—100%. Humidity accuracy between 10%—90% is ±1.8% at 25°C (77°F), and ±3% above 90%. The Kit includes a CMEXpert ll Digital Moisture meter, three Hygro-i RH probes, electronic interface cable, brush, ruler, probe insertion/ retrieval tool, twelve hole-liners with caps, a cutting tool for the liners, an infrared surface thermometer, and sturdy plastic carrying case. Three Calibration Salt Check containers with reference material for 75% RH calibration are also included. All components can be purchased separately as replacements.

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