Gilson HMA-837 Constant Head Tank


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Soil Permeability Testing Equipment

HMA-837 Constant Head Tank is a 1,000cc acrylic tank with a regulating valve for flow control of water during constant head permeability testing of soils, and used with Constant Head Permeameters. A porous media on bottom filters out air bubbles and an overflow port maintains constant water head pressure. It also allows connection to a tap water or deaired water source. Wall mount rails with adjustable brackets to control height are included. The unit is also equipped with a saddle valve for connection to a water source and necessary tubing for connection to the Permeameter.


  • Made of clear acrylic
  • Used for constant head permeability testing with Granular Soil Permeameters

Included Items:

  • Constant Head Tank
  • Saddle Valve
  • 15ft (4.6m) of tubing
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets


  • Material: Clear Acrylic
  • Volume: 1,000cc
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 4.0lb (1.81kg)
Constant Head Tank

Gilson HMA-837 Constant Head Tank