Gilson PT-53 Constant Temperature Viscosity Bath


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The Constant Temperature Viscosity Bath offers accurate testing conforming to ASTM D 445 temperature stability requirements and has selectable temperature presets and a variable control to set temperature at any point within their ranges. Temperature can be adjusted precisely within hundreths of a degree. A stainless-steel encased thermistor in the baths senses temperature. Bath Covers have seven 2in (51mm) diameter holes for viscometers and two 3/8in (10mm) holes for ASTM thermometers. A white-coated stainless-steel baffle plate aids viewing of viscometers. Lighting is by fluorescent lamps. The circuitry is in base platform drawer on ball-bearing glides for easy access. Temperature range is 20°-100°C. Presets are approx./fine tune 10 fixed. Control is proportional ±0.01°C. Mixing features a motor-driven stirrer. Unit has several over-temperature protection standards, two heating elements and is 900 Watts. Also boasts a baffle backround for viewing.

The Constant Temperature Viscosity Bath has three safety features: A second thermistor provides fault protection for over-temperature condition. If such occurs, bath is shut off until user resets limit circuit. Heater power is shut off if control thermistor is disconnected. Power is shut off if bath liquid falls below safe operating level. Optional Drawer fits under unit for storing viscometers and accessories.

Uses 12x12in (305x305mm), DxH Pyrex bath jars for easy visibility.


Electrical: 115V/50-60Hz

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM D 2170
ASTM D 2171
ASTM D 445