Cutting Mills

Cutting mill machines are ideal for any application that requires the breaking down of materials for either preparation or finishing. These machines can handle many different material textures, including soft, medium-hard, elastic, fibrous and heterogenous mixes. Certified Material Testing products carries cutting mill machines from trusted brands like Retsch, along with replacement cutting rotors and parallel section cutters. Choose one of our cutting mill machines or any of our other trusted, high-quality laboratory mills.

Benchtop Knife Cutting Mill Machines

If you need to process smaller samples or simply don't have the space for a full-sized cutting mill in your laboratory, the Retsch Knife Mill Grindomix will be ideal for your needs. These smaller cutting mill machines are perfect for grinding and homogenizing foodstuffs, especially substances with high water, oil or fat content. Like standard cutting mill machines, the Grindomix is also capable of grinding dry, soft and medium-hard materials. Pick one up today or contact us for additional information.