Gilson HMA-683D Digital UCS Component Set w/ 1,000lbf Capacity


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Soil Strength Testing Equipment

HMA-683D Digital Unconfined Compression Component Set is used to equip the Gilson HM-399 Load Frame 0.00001—0.29999in/min and other Load Frames to perform unconfined compression soil testing. The set features HMA-422D 1,000lbf (4,4kN) Load Cell and HM-740 Linear Variable Displacement Transducer that connects to the included HM-418 two-channel Data Readout. A HMA-339 Bracket and Support for the Transducer and HMA-109 2.8x0.25in (71.1x6.4mm) Plastic Disc For Soil Tests are also included. HMA-668 Readout Mounting Bracket available separately to position data readout.


  • Digital set includes load and displacement products to equip Load Frames for unconfined compression testing
  • Components quickly install on the Load Frame
  • Set components are available separately

Included Items:

  • HMA-683D Digital Component Set w/1,000lbf Capacity, with:
    • HMA-109 2.8x0.25in (71.1x6.4mm) Plastic Disc for Soil Tests
    • HMA-339 Bracket Dial Indicator/Transducer
    • HM-740 2in Linear Variable Displacement Transducer
    • HM-422D 1,000lbf Load Cell
    • HMA-418 Two-Channel Data Readout


  • HMA-109 2.8x0.25in (71.1x6.4mm) Plastic Disc for Soil Tests
  • HMA-339 1/2in Bracket for Dial Indicator/Transducer
  • HMA-418 Two-Channel Data Readout
  • HMA-668 Readout Mounting Bracket
  • HM-422D 1,000lbf (4.4kN) Load Cell
  • HM-740 2in Linear Variable Displacement Transducer
  • HMA-611 Unconfined Compressive Strength Data Acquisition Software works with the HMA-683D Component Set to record specimen information and real-time test data, calculate results, then prepare reports following ASTM and AASHTO requirements. 


  • CapacityLoad Ring: 1,000lbf (4.4kN)
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 10.0lb (4.54kg)

Meets Standard(s):

  • AASHTO T 208
  • ASTM D2166/2166M
Digital UCS Component Set w/ 1,000lbf Capacity

Gilson HMA-683D Digital UCS Component Set w/ 1,000lbf Capacity