Karol-Warner 3861 Double Tube Manometer w/ Stand


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Double Tube Manometer Panels have double tubes and are for use with ASTM Sand and Gravel Permeameters. Each panel has two acrylic tubes with valves mounted on an aluminum rail, and a five-foot length of vinyl tubing on each tube. A 100cm scale with graduations in both mm and cm measurements is affixed to the rail between the two tubes for monitoring flow volumes. Each tube has its own valve, making it possible to run two independent permeability tests. Either the wall-mounted or free-standing unit is required for use with the ASTM Sand and Gravel Permeameters.

The Wall-Mounted Manometer Tube easily mounts on a wall for permanent placement.


  • 100cm graduated scale
  • Tubes have separate valves allowing for two tests
Double Tube Manometer w/ Stand

Karol-Warner 3861 Double Tube Manometer w/ Stand