ELMI CM-MC-3 Fugamix Miniprep-Master


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The new ELMI CM-50MP is the third generation FUGAMIX centrifuge. This innovative unit combines two of the most common laboratory procedures– centrifugation and mixing. The ELMI CM-50MP also features our patented state of the art FAST PLASMID DNA extraction program. CM50MP can successfully semi automate Fast Plasmid extractions from any brand of kits. This unique and easy to use technology provides laboratories with a reliable tool for fast, efficient, and accurate extractions.


  • Fast Mini Prep
  • Regular Mini Prep
  • Custom Spin- Mix – Spin Programs
  • 13,500 RPM
  • Safety Lid Lock
  • Low sample heating
  • 12 Mixing Modes
  • 5 Variable Brake Speeds

Centrifugation Speed  RPM    Up to 13,500

Maximum Centrifugal Force   RCF      12,388

Timer   min      from 0.1 up to 99

Number of Vortexing Modes  -           12

Plasmid DNA Extraction Modes          -           2

Number of Centrifuge Brake Levels   -           5

Total Test Tube Imbalance Limit        g          0.7

Dimensions (L x W x H)           mm      200 x 180 x 145

Power Supply Adapter            -           24 VDC, 5A

Weight kg        3.1