Gilson HM-567 Soil Back Pressure Consolidometer


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Soil Testing Equipment

HM-567 Back Pressure Consolidometer allows back pressure saturation and pore pressure measurements of soil specimens during one-dimensional consolidation testing. The Consolidometer is mounted in a conventional Consolidation Load Frame for loading, and connected to an HM-350M Master Control Panel for regulation of cell pressures. Permeability values can also be determined. The HMA-521 Pore Pressure Transducer with Digital Readout is used with the Master Control Panel to determine real-time specimen pore pressure values.

The HM-567 transfers loads to the specimen via a stainless steel piston that passes through a top cap with sealed, low-friction linear bearings. Ports with connectors allow for application of confining pressures up to 200 psi, and a bottom port monitors pressure and flow rate. The unit tests 2.5x1.0in (63.5x25.4mm) specimens and comes with a sample ring with built-in cutting edge for efficient sample preparation. Also included are top and bottom Porous Stones, flexible tubing, and connectors for pressure and pore pressure lines. Sample Rings, Porous Stones and Grade 55 Filter Paper are also available separately for additional sample preparation. An optional stainless steel Calibration Disc is used to measure total system deflection under applied load.


  • Mounts in conventional consolidation device
  • Allows back-pressure saturation of samples
  • Monitors pore pressure during testing, and can determine permeability values

Included Items:

  • Back Pressure Consolidometer
  • Top and Bottom Porous Stone


  • GSA-219 2.485in Porous Stone, 0.25in Thick, two required
  • HMA-773 2.8in Filter Paper Grade 55 used with Porous Stones to prevent pore blockage from soil fines
  • HMA-88E 2.5in Calibration Disc for measuring deflection under load to verify system performance
  • HMA-90E 2.5in Cutting Sample Ring has integral cutting edge to aid in sample preparation


  • Pressure Rating: 200psi (1400kPa)
  • Specimen Size: 2.5 x 1.0in (63.5 x 25.4mm) Dia.xH
  • Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 6.7in (140 x 170mm) Dia.xH
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 8.0lb (3.63kg)

Meets Standard(s):

  • AASHTO T 216
  • ASTM D2435/2435M
Soil Back Pressure Consolidometer

Gilson HM-567 Soil Back Pressure Consolidometer