Gilson SP-6 Quadri-Splitter


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The Gilson Quadri-Splitter yields four equal samples of up to 0.4ft3 (11.3L) each for total sample capacity of 1.6ft3 (45.3L) without removing receiving pans. Unit is totally enclosed including feed inlet and sample outlets. Unique method of tilt-feeding seals inlet opening with feed pan as material is dumped. Sample pans seal to splitter body, yet slide out easily using handles provided. Body has hinge-mounted doors on both sides for inspection and cleaning of chute sections. The three chute decks each have 14 chutes of 1in (25.4mm) width and 60° slope for smooth sample flow.

The Gilson Quadri-Splitter can be used to sample any free-flowing material that will not bridge in 1in (25.4mm) chutes. It is especially suited to coal and coke sampling since moisture loss is minimized by fewer passes and less handling. Three passes (1/4x1/4x1/4 = 1/64th) or fewer reduces most bulk samples to amounts needed for lab testing. Final split gives simultaneous equal samples for buyer, seller, referee, plus a spare.

The Gilson Quadri-Splitter has stainless steel contact parts (chutes and pans); other parts fabricated from galvanized steel, spot welded, riveted, and painted for long life and durability. It includes five Sample Pans of 0.4ft3 (11.3L) and one Feed Pan of 0.7ft3 (19.8L) for feeding only. Both pans fit tilt mechanism and seal feed inlet after dumping.

Chute Angle    60°

Hopper Capacity         0.7ft³ (19.8L)

Chute Width   1in (25.4mm)

Number of Chute Bars            14

Product Dimensions   24 x 34 x 55in (610 x 864 x 1,398mm) WxDxH

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 702
ASTM D 2013
ASTM D 346
ASTM E 276
ASTM E 389
ASTM E 877

Gilson Quadri-Splitter

Gilson SP-6 Quadri-Splitter