Gilson GA-6 Gilsonic Autosiever

Sieve Frame Diameter:
Shaker Agitation:
Test Sieve Capacity:
7 Woven-Wire or 3 Precision Electroformed
Particle Size Range:
No.20 - 5 micrometer

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• Fast, efficient and proven dry separation of fine powders.

• Size range from 850um (No.20) to 5µm.

• Programmable vertical and horizontal tapping clears sieves and reduces clumping.

• 3in (76mm) acrylic-frame sieves are available in standard woven wire or precision electroformed mesh.

The GilSonic AutoSiever is the most accurate and reliable siever available for dry particle size determinations of powders and fine granular materials. Testing profiles are fully customizable for many different types of materials, assuring consistent, repeatable values for even the most difficult samples. Easy-to-use controls enable efficient operation with minimal training.

3,600 sonic energy pulses per minute oscillate the air column enclosed within the sieve stack. This continuous agitation excites the particles and continuously reorients them to the mesh surface. Programmable horizontal and vertical tapping clears the sieves and prevents lumps from forming in the materials. Input controls for intensity, ramp and dwell, and total test time assure fully customizable profiles for many different material types. Designated profiles can be saved in non-volatile memory to assure repeatability when testing similar material types. The AutoSiever is designed and manufactured in the USA to meet CE requirements.

Test times vary depending on material type and particle size. Five minutes is typical, but some samples may be complete in as little as thirty seconds. Sieving intensity (amplitude) is selected with a proportional power controller. Ramping function allows a controlled, gradual increase to a predetermined power level for optimum separation of delicate or difficult materials. Tapping action is built into each unit and comes from two sets of horizontal tappers and a vertical tapper. Tapping is selected by user and can be horizontal and vertical, vertical only, or turned off completely.

Sample capacity is a function of particle size and material type. Larger particle samples may range up to 20g or about 7cc. Samples with maximum particle sizes of 38um (No.400) should be about 10g or 4cc. For precision sieving with electroformed sieves down to 5um, some samples may be as small as 1g.

Sieves for the AutoSiever are purchased separately. The 3in (76mm) diameter clear acrylic-framed sieves are available with conventional woven-wire cloth or precision electroformed mesh. The AutoSiever will hold seven woven-wire or three precision electroformed sieves in the fixed-height stack assembly. Clear acrylic spacers are available if fewer sieves are desired.

Fines are retained in a flexible-walled latex fines collector. A latex diaphragm on top of the stack seals the air column and confines the sample during testing. The complete stack assembly is held together with a column lock, inserted into the backlit testing chamber and quickly secured in place for testing.

The AutoSiever is supplied with one stack assembly, consisting of seven spacers, a fines collector with collector holder, top cone, diaphragm, and column lock. Sieves are purchased separately.

Sieve Frame Diameter 3in (76mm)

Particle Size Range      No.20—5µm (850—5µm)

Motion/Agitation        Sonic/Tapping

Sieve Capacity with Pan          (7) 3in Woven-Wire Sieves or (3) 3in Precision Electroformed Sieves

Timing Capacity          Up to 99 Minutes

Memory Capacity       10 Preset options

Electrical         115 or 230V selectable / 50 or 60Hz / 3Amps

Product Dimensions   10 x 10 x 20in (254 x 254 x 508mm), WxDxH

Net Weight     39lb (17.7kg)

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