Gilson GA-8 Gilsonic Ultrasiever

Sieve Frame Diameter:
Test Sieve Capacity:
7 Full Height
Shaker Agitation:
Particle Size Range:
No.4 - 5 micrometer

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• Sonic sieving for samples up to 100g.

• Uses 8in or 200mm diameter sieves.

• Fully programmable time, amplitude and vertical or horizontal tapping sequences.

The GilSonic UltraSiever uses up to seven 8in (203mm) diameter full-height test sieves. Woven wire sieves in the 1/4in to No.635 (6.3mm to 20µm) range or special 8in (203mm) diameter precision sieves with unsupported electroformed mesh in the 150µm to 5µm range can be used for ±2µm precision. A sample size of 10g or less is typical for precision electroformed sieving below 20µm. Coarser samples range up to over 100g, depending on mesh sizes and number of sieves used. Particle size range is extended to 1/4in (6.3mm) top-size for many materials. Typical sieving time is 1-5 minutes.

Maximum amplitude is determined in manual mode by viewing action of largest particles in each sample type. Each program has timed segments for build-up to desired maximum amplitude, hold time at maximum, then down-ramp to zero. A 0-99 digital LED displays amplitude. Additional GA-8 controls include switches for seven pairs of horizontal tappers positioned to tap on selected sieves. Switchable vertical tappers operate as one or two pairs. A single pair is sufficient for most powder separations. Two pairs are used for samples containing larger particles. Ten-program memory stores all settings and sequences.

Vertically-hinged acrylic doors enclose the sieve chamber. Sample material is contained by flexible top and bottom diaphragms. The stack is sealed when the upper enclosure is lowered. Upon test completion, fines are recovered from the bottom diaphragm. Acrylic spacers are required when using less than seven sieves or for viewing sieving action.

The GilSonic UltraSiever includes top and bottom sieve stack adapters, four diaphragms for top or bottom use, two acrylic spacers, one double-height acrylic spacer, and twelve polyurethane sieve Seal Gaskets.


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