Gilson HM-372 Grout Flow Cone Complete Set with 1/2" Orifice


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The Grout Flow Cone Complete Set with 1/2" Orifice measures flowability of hydraulic grout used in preplaced aggregate concrete. Set consists of a cast aluminum flow cone, a steel stand, and a 2L (2.1qt) stainless steel measuring container. Flowability is measured by time of discharge of a 1.725L sample of grout through the 1/2in (12.7mm) ID discharge tube orifice from the cone.

The 12in (305mm) high Flow Cone has 7in (178mm) top ID and comes with point gauge level indicator. Sturdy 3-legged painted steel stand is 20.5in (414mm) high with adjustable neoprene rubber feet for leveling and isolation from vibration. Unit disassembles quickly for shipping, storage, or transport. The included measure is sized to receive grout from a single test, or add optional 6L beaker to collect grout from up to three tests. The flow cone method is for use with grouts having 35 seconds or less efflux time.

Meets Test Method:
ASTM C 939