Hakko FM2024-21 Desoldering Module Kit


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Hakko FM-2024 Desoldering Module Kit

Brief Product Description

The Hakko FM-2024 desoldering module gives you a complete soldering and desoldering solution in one module. The configurable handpiece uses quick-change composite nozzles and allows you to choose either a gun or pencil style handpiece.

Features and Benefits

FM-2024 DESOLDERING MODULE | The Hakko FM-2024 Desoldering Module extends the versatility of the award winning Hakko FM-202 or the new FM-203 Soldering Station giving you a complete soldering and desoldering solution, in one modular station. NOZZLE/TIP HEATER CARTRIDGE Building on Hakko's revolutionary composite tip technology, the desoldering nozzle/tip heater cartridge assembly offers a one-step, quick-change design with fast thermal recovery; the enlarged throat and shortened nozzle design is virtually non-cloggable, making it ideal for NO LEAD applications; and its slender body enables it to reach those difficult-to-reach component pads on densely populated boards. | GUN TO PENCIL CONFIGURATION The Hakko FM-2024 also features an extremely lightweight, reconfigurable handpiece that allows the user the option to use the tool as either a gun or pencil style handpiece by simply removing or adding the Handle. | Gun Configuration with Handle Pencil Configuration without Handle | DISPOSABLE FILTER The disposable filter pipe is safe and easy-to-remove. | DESOLDERING CONTROL MODULE The Desoldering Control Module fits neatly underneath the Hakko FM-203, Hakko FM-202 or Hakko FP-102 to conserve valuable bench space - so no working space is lost to equipment - and all components of the module are ESD safe by design. | Note: Compressed air is NOT self-contained in the FM-203, FM-202 or FP-102 stations • the Desoldering Control Module is required to operate the desoldering gun/pencil • t he Desoldering Control Module also requires shop/compressed air | IMPORTANT: (1) In order to operate the FM-2024 with the FM-202 station, the FM-202 must have software version 7.0 or greater. Hakko will upgrade any previous software versions of the FM-202 at no cost. (2) The FM-2024 will operate with any FP-102 station. | The Hakko FM-2024 Desoldering Module includes: 1 Desoldering Handpiece (PN: FM2024-02) 1 Desoldering Control Module (PN: C1492) 1 Desoldering Handpiece Grip (PN: B2872 for Gun Style Configuration) 1 Handpiece Holder (PN: FH200-05 - Includes Hakko 599B Tip Cleaner) 1 Nozzle Remover (PN: B2876) 1 Cleaning Drill (PN: B2873) 1 Sleep Mode Cord (PN: B3253) 1 Filter Pipe (PN: A1511) | NOTE: Nozzles are NOT included. (See Nozzles and Accessories)

Specifications Info

Model Name : FM-2024 Part No. : FM2024-21 Power Consumption : 12W Output : 24V Vacuum Generator : Ejector type Vacuum Pressure (max) : 93 kPa (700 mmHg) (28in. Hg) Suction Flow : 20 l/min. Tip to Ground Potential : < 2 mV Applied Air Pressure : 490 kPa (71 PSI) when in use (trigger is pressed) Compressed Air Consumption : 1.62 cfm (46 l/min.) Outer Dimensions (w/o cord) : 119(W) x 45(H) x 172(D) mm 4.7(W) x 1.8(H) x 6.8(D) in. Weight : 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs. Power Consumption : 70W (24V) Temperature Range : 350C - 450C (660F - 840F) Tip-to-Ground Resistance : < 2 ohms Tip-to-Ground Potential : < 2 mV Length (w/o cord) : 180mm (7.09 in.) Cord Length : 1.2m (4 ft.) Weight (w/o cord & hose) : 65g (2.3 oz.) Description : Part No. Tool w/ handle : FM2024-02 Desolder control box : C1492 Handpiece holder w/ 599B : FH200-05 Cleaning drill : B2873 Nozzle remover : B2876