Hakko FM2026-06 Nitrogen Soldering Iron Handpiece Kit

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Hakko FM-2026 Nitrogen Soldering Iron Handpiece Kit

Brief Product Description

The Hakko FM-2026 soldering iron is designed to supply hot gas to the soldering area, which can increase the soldering efficiency as the gas pre-heats the work area. Calibration is required before starting operation.

Features and Benefits

FM-2026 Soldering Iron | FM-2026 N 2 Soldering Iron (can be used with the Hakko FP-102, FM-202, FX-951, FM-203 and FM-206 stations) • supplies hot nitrogen (N 2 ) gas to the soldering area • the nitrogen gas is preheated as it passes along the ceramic heater in the FM-2026 handpiece • soldering efficiency can be improved as the hot nitrogen creates a preheating effect while reducing the amount of oxygen in the solder connection area (less oxidation) • Part Number: FM2026-01 | Nozzle Assembly (click on image for enlarged view) • delivers uniform nitrogen gas to the soldering area • efficient operation prevents the oxidation of solder | The Hakko N2 soldering system's compact design saves valuable bench space. Use it for soldering multilayer PWBs and high density PWBs with heat sensitive components. | Call your local Hakko sales professional for a no obligation demonstration today. | Note : The 6 mm hose (black tubing) from the nitrogen generator to the controller are not included because length requirements vary greatly from customer to customer. The 6 mm hose (black tubing) can be purchased at your local hardware store. | Part Number: FX780-01 Generator Part Number: FX791-01 Controller Part Number: FM2026-01 N 2 Soldering Iron (see Specs for details) Part Number: FM2026-KIT Note: FM-2026-KIT includes FM2026-01 (iron) and FX791-01 (Controller) ONLY

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