Hakko FR811-04 Advanced SMD Hot Air Rework System


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Hakko FR-811 Advanced SMD Hot Air Rework System

Brief Product Description

An advanced SMD rework station with vacuum pickup and a multitude of features for every need. When integrated with a bottom heater, board fixture and vision system, the FR-811 is a complete SMD rework system and the ideal choice for bottom terminated components. For complete set please seeFR811-SET.Request a Free Demo

Features and Benefits

The FR-811 is a complete SMD rework system, featuring dual thermocouple inputs for part and board monitoring, PC integration via USB port with Hakko software, an additional external USB port for flash drive memory for storage of profiles, onboard storage of up to 50 profiles, manual and auto modes, auto teach mode for profiling, password lockout, and lots more! | • New graphic interface display and navigation system that simplifies operation | • Dual T/C inputs allow users to monitor part and board temperatures while controlling the ramp rate for a safe, accurate and repeatable process. | • Automatic mode gives users the ability to fully program profiles with up to 6 stages | • Onboard storage of up to 50 profiles with an external USB port for flash drive memory for storage of profiles | • A dedicated USB port can also be used to integrate the FR-811 with a PC using the included software - Note: Software is compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 10. | • Integrated vacuum pickup with a visual indicator in the handpiece that indicates when the component has been completely reflowed | Combine the optional C5016 bottom heater, which integrates with and is fully controlled by the FR-811, with the C5027 board holder, C5028 or C5029 handpiece fixture and the 999-267 vision kit, and the FR-811 transforms into a complete, economical SMD rework system that is ideal for bottom terminated components. | Note: The HAKKO FR-811 is compatible with older generations of nozzles from the FR-801, FR-802 and FR-803B hot air stations. An adapter is not required to use the older nozzles

Specifications Info

Model Name : FR-811 Part No. : FR811-04 Input Voltage : 120 VAC 50/60 Hz Power Consumption : 820W Heater Power Consumption : 790W Airflow Source : Turbine Airflow Capacity 1 : Setting 1-100% (115 L/min. Max) Vacuum Function : Yes Temperature Range 2 : 120 - 1120F (50 - 600C) Thermocouple Inputs : 2 - Type K External Connections : 1 - USB - A 1 - USB Mini B Operating Modes : Manual or Automatic Memory : 50 x 6 Stage + Preheat Process Control : Password Lockout Auto Power Off Safety : Yes Auto Cooling Safety : Yes Presets : 6-User Programmable Handpiece Length (w/o Cord) : 9.8 in (250 mm) Handpiece Weight (w/o Cord) : 0.40 lb. (180 g) Nozzles (not included) : N51 Series Standard Dimensions (W x H X D) : 6.3 x 5.7 x 8.7 in. 160 x 145 x 220 mm Station Weight : 3.3 lb. (1.5 kg) ESD Safe : Yes Description : Part No. FR-811 SMD Rework Station : --- Software and Driver CD Note: Software is compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 10. : --- Holder Assembly : C5033 Vacuum Pipe Knob (L) w/ screw : B3023 USB Cable : B5129 Thermocouple : B5128 Heat Resistant Pad : B2300 Power Cord : B5054 Vacuum Cups - 3 mm dia. (2 pcs) : A1520 Vacuum Cups - 5 mm dia. (2 pcs) : A1439 Vacuum Cups - 7.6 mm dia. (2 pcs) : A1438 Instruction Manual : --