Irrometer MHS-TD Watermark Multiple Hyrozone System Time Delay Relay Kit


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MHS-TD Multiple Hyrozone System Time Delay Relay Kit | Watermark Soil Moisture Systems by Irrometer

Time delay relay kit for Multiple Hyrozone Systems pump start relay systems.

With pump start systems care must be used in sequencing the valves to minimize the potential for start/stop decisions by the system. All valves within the same Hydrozone should be run in sequence. Pump Start common must be switched by MHS. Run times should be of sufficient duration so as to not exceed the maximum number of starts per hour recommended by the pump motor manufacturer. The MHS will periodically momentarily close the common to check system status to see what valve is energized. To avoid this momentary closure from affecting pump operation on a pump start application, a time delay relay should be added to the pump start circuit. While the momentary common closure is so short that a pump would likely not start, the contactor points in the pump start relay could chatter. The addition of a time delay relay to the circuit between the controller/MHS and the pump start relay is recommended. The time delay relay should be set for 3 seconds, meaning, if the common is closed by the MHS for more than 3 seconds the power would be passed along to the pump start relay. Any closure of the common for any time shorter than 3 seconds and the pump start relay would not be energized.

Multiple Hyrozone System Packages

  • MHS-TD Required for pump start relays

Wired System | Hyrozones | Valve Capacity

  • MHS-4-16 | 4 | 16
  • MHS-6-32 | 6 | 32
  • MHS-8-48 | 8 | 48

Wireless System | Hyrozones | Valve Capacity

  • W-MHS-4-16 | 4 | 16
  • W-MHS-6-32 | 6 | 32
  • W-MHS-8-48 | 8 | 48

NOTE – Packages include all necessary components


Irrometer Watermark Multiple Hyrozone System Time Delay Relay Kit (MHS-TD) - Product image not available

Irrometer MHS-TD Watermark Multiple Hyrozone System Time Delay Relay Kit