Min-Max Thermometer

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This Min Max Thermometer clearly and accurately shows the maximum and minimum temperature using both the Celsius and Fahrenheit degree scales. The right column indicates the maximum temperature and the left column indicates the minimum temperature. This dual scale min max thermometer ranges from 40° to 120°F, and -40° to 50° C.

Min Max Thermometer for Concrete Testing 

The Min Max Thermometer can be used for a large variety of different applications. It is perfect for measuring temperature variance to determine the effect on setting time of fresh concrete. This Min Max Thermometer is part of our wide range of thermometers for concrete testing that provide the perfect solution for your next job.

Min Max Thermometer Features

This Min Max Thermometer also comes equpped with a convient slot on a sturdy support board for hanging on a wall or other vertical surface. The markers on this Min Max Thermometer can be easily reset with the push of a button. Bold black temperature values can be easily read on the white backing of this Min Max Thermometer as well.

This Min Max Thermometer is part of our larger extensive collection of thermometers including other Min-Max Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, and more.