Gilson WT-326 No. 325 Replaceable Mesh Wet-Wash Sieve, 8x6in

Sieve Frame Diameter:
Mesh Opening Size:
No.325 (45 micrometer)
Brass Frame/Stainless Steel Cloth
Frame Depth:
6in Deep
Mesh Size Range:

Price $250.98
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Replaceable Mesh Wet-Wash Sieves

The Replaceable Mesh Wet Washing Sieve save significant expense. The interchangeable screens change out quickly when worn beyond acceptable limits. The unique cartridge assemblies combine ASTM E 11 testing-grade stainless steel wire cloth with sturdy back-up cloth for long life and replacement convenience.

Replacement screens are held securely in place between two rubber gaskets by stainless steel fasteners. The 8in (203mm) diameter brass frames nest with conventional sieves and pans.

Available in 4in (102mm) or 6in (152mm) heights. Replaceable Screens include back-up cloth and are available in No.200 or No.325 mesh.

8in (203mm) diameter ASTM E11 Replaceable Mesh Wet-Wash Sieve is constructed of brass and has stainless steel mesh with No. 325 (45µm) openings.


  • Optimal for fines content determinations and wet-wash sieving procedures
  • Compliant with ASTM E11
  • Interchangeable screens are easily replaceable for cost savings

Included Items:

  • 8in (203mm) diameter, 6in height brass frame
  • Replaceable stainless steel mesh with No. 325 (45µm) openings
  • Certificate of Conformance to ASTM E11 requirements


  • WTA-53 No. 200 Mesh 8in Replacement Screen, w/ Back-up Cloth available as replacement for worn or damaged mesh
  • WTA-54 No. 325 Mesh 8in Replacement Screen, w/ Back-up Cloth

Sieve Specifications

  • ASTM E11 Opening Size: No.325 (45µm)
  • Cloth Material: Stainless Steel
  • Frame Material: All Brass
  • Frame Height: 6in.
  • Sieve Frame Diameter: 8in (203mm)
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 4.0lb (1.81kg)

Meets Standard(s):

  • AASHTO T 11 
  • ASTM E11 
  • ASTM C117 
  • ASTM D1140