Durham Geo S-215 Static Cone Penetrometer


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Designed for evaluating soil consistency, compaction, and bearing capacity of foundations and pavement subgrades, the Static Cone Penetrometer with 2' Starter Rod yields accurate results, especially from fine-grained, soft soils. Gravel and rocks in the soil can cause misleading readings.

Operation involves pressing the Penetrometer into the soil 6"(152mm), taking a reading, pulling back until the gauge reads zero pressure, advancing another 6" (152mm), taking another reading. Continue in this manner until the entire depth is evaluated.

The Penetrometer is constructed of two rods. The inner rod is connected to the cone tip and is independent of the outer rod. Friction of soil along the shaft of the outer rod does not affect the inner rod's function. The load on the cone is transferred via the inner rod to the hydraulic load cell in the head assembly. The pressure gauge reads the cone stress directly.

Maximum area of the 60° cone is 1.5cm2.  Outer rod is high strength chrome alloy tubing. Inner rod is ground 316 stainless steel. Shaft assembly is designed for a maximum of 250 lbf axial force. The gauge's range is 0 to 70 kgf/cm2. Halve the readings when the 3cm2 cone is used.