Thermco R165020 Rascher & Betzold A.S.B.C. Pyrex Glass Hydrometer, BEER/WORT 16/24 X 0.1, 270MM Length

Hydrometer Scale Range:
16 to 24
Hydrometer Length:
Hydrometer Divisions:

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Readings are made on hydrometers at the top of the meniscus when overflowing in a clean special PYREX® brand glass cylinder. They check laboratory determinations made with the Boot or Reischauer pycnometer. All instruments and cylinders must be kept clean. We have found chromic-sulfuric acid (Cleaning Solution) most satisfactory for this purpose.

All A.S.B.C. hydrometers are guaranteed to be accurate, with a maximum error not exceeding one smallest division of the hydrometer scale or one-half smallest division of the thermometer scale.

Directions for using these hydrometers are given in Methods of Analysis of the American Society of Brewing Chemists.

Hydrometers are supplied combined form with thermometer in body. Temperature of standardization 20°C. Thermometer scale range 0 to 30°C., with temperature correction scale.

A.S.B.C. High Precision

Top Reading Hydrometers

Standardization Temperature 20°C

Outside Diameter 20MM

Scale Range % Plato 16 to 24

Divisions % Plato 0.1