Concrete Tremie Pipe and Products

Certified Material Testing Products offers tremie concrete products as part of a complete line of concrete and cement supplies including concrete tremie pipes. The tremie concrete placement method uses a tremie pipe through which concrete is placed below water level and other underwater construction.

The Mini Tremie Hopper with 6 Foot Trunk easily and quickly attaches to the end of a ready-mix chute to distribute concrete accurately. The Tremie Hopper is made from heavy gauge polyethylene plastic and is perfect for difficult concrete pours.  And if concrete tremie pipes are what you need, we offer both the 12" Diameter Tremie Pipe and the 8" Diameter Tremie Pipe.

All of our Tremie Product are proudly made in the USA and ship today! Count on Certified Material Testing Products for your concrete mix design.

Best Concrete Tremie Products Include:

Concrete Tremie Hopper
  • Mini Tremie Hopper with 6 Foot Trunk
  • Tremie Clamp
  • Tremie Pipe
  • Straight Edge for Concrete with Handholes and Level
  • Tremie Trunk
  • Gar-Bro Reinforced PVC Concrete Elephant Trunk
  • Tremie Collar
  • Tremie Hopper with Steel Reinforcement
  • Torpedo Groover