Unbonded Cylinder Capping

Unbonded Cylinder Capping products provided by Certified Material Testing Products offer a quick, efficient, and environmentally-friendly alternative to the bonded capping method and are perfect for the compressive strength test of any size concrete specimen. Each of these Unbonded Cylinder Capping Steel Retainer Rings is machined from high alloy steel and is designed to hold the neoprene pad at the end of the concrete test cylinder so that the compressive load force is evenly distributed.

Featured Unbonded Cylinder Capping Products

The popular 4" Unbonded Capping Steel Retainer Ring is used for 4in x 8in cylinder testing and comes in a set of two. Each Neoprene Pad is specifically designed for concrete compression testing and made from an extremely tough elastomeric material that evens out irregularities and distributes each test load uniformly to ensure consistent breaks of concrete specimens. The neoprene pads come in 50 durometer, 60 durometer, 70 durometer, and for the 4" neoprene pads, the 90 durometer can be used for very high compression testing. Certified Material Testing Products recommends the Quick Release Powder Kit for Unbonded Capping Sets that serves as a lubricant and bond breaker for easier change-out of pads and more consistent test results.

Unbonded Cylinder Concrete Capping and More

Not only do we have quality unbonded cylinder concrete capping products, but we also have a full selection of highly durable concrete testing equipment for construction. With our wide selection of concrete core drills and parts to our concrete mixers, we are confident that you will find the needed product to help you complete your next construction project. Not only do we have the best in concrete testing equipment, but we can provide our products at an unbeatable price. If you are interested in the best of the best at the most competitive prices, shop with us today!