WS Tyler RX-29 8" Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker

Sieve Frame Diameter:
Shaker Agitation:
Test Sieve Capacity:
6 Full Height/13 Half Height
Particle Size Range:
No.4 - No.635

Price $2,599.95
Est Delivery in 4-7 days after ordering

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The WS Tyler 8" Roto Tap Sieve Shaker holds up to six full-height 8in (203mm) sieves with a full-height pan, or thirteen half-height sieves with a half-height pan. Recommended particle size range for this Roto Tap Sieve Shaker is No.4 (4.75mm) to No.635 (20 microns).

Roto Tap Sieve Shaker for Particle Analysis

The WS Tyler 8" Roto Tap Sieve Shaker has 278 oscillations and 150 taps per minute as specified in some ASTM and other sieving applications. Horizontal, circular action combined with vertical tapping assures accurate and consistent results. This special action allows material particles to stratify and “seek” critical openings in the test media. This Roto Tap Sieve Shaker provides the most accurate and consistent particle analysis testing.

Roto Tap Sieve Shaker Design and Features

The WS Tyler 8" Roto Tap Sieve Shaker is designed for heavy-duty use and bolt easily to a solid table or sturdy bench top. This sieve shaker model also feature an adjustable-plate sieve support and built-in 99 minute x 0.1 second digital timer. Powerful 1/4hp motor provides plenty of action for efficient separations. Sieves are ordered separately and a sieve cover is required.

WS Tyler Roto Tap Sieve Shaker Specifications