Karol-Warner 3913, 2in Shelby Tube Permeameter


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Shelby Tube Permeameters save time and money and allow soil permeability testing in a nearly in situ condition by performing the test in the actual undisturbed sample tube. They are especially suited for non-cohesive materials and sands, which require extra care to transfer to a standard permeability cell.

The Permeameters consist of two anodized aluminum end caps with O-Rings, secured with threaded tie rods over a standard 2in (50.8mm), 2.5in (63.5mm) or 3in (76.2mm) diameter Shelby tube section up to 6in (152mm) long (not included). Clamping knobs tilt for fast positioning over the tie rods. Each end cap contains a valve to control the flow of permeants, along with a porous stone to prevent loss of material. Concave shape on the inside of the top cap aids in deairing. Each Permeameter includes corrosion-resistant top and bottom end caps, two porous stones, two stainless steel valve openings, and three threaded tie rods and clamp knobs.


  • Minimizes disturbance or damage to sensitive samples
  • Saves setup time and labor
  • Use constant head or falling head methods

Included Items:

  • Shelby Tube Permeameter and two Porous Stones
  • Top and Bottom End Caps
  • O-Rings
  • Tie Rods
  • Clamp Knobs