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Certified MTP is your one-stop shop for lab supplies and material testing equipment. Our Certified Material Testing Products include asphalt testing equipment, aggregate equipment, cement testing equipment, concrete testing equipment, soil testing equipment and much more!

In addition to our specialized material testing equipment, we offer a wide selection of professional grade lab supplies and certified material testing products that are used across numerous industries and applications. Explore our inventory of general lab equipment, ovens and furnaces, thermometers to get the supplies and tools you need for your project.

We sell only high-quality material testing equipment! The durable construction and consistent accuracy of every testing product ensure quality performance in the field. If you're curious about the specs on a product or experiencing difficulties using our material testing equipment out there in the field, please contact us. Our expertise and quality customer care are at your service.


Certified Material Testing Products offers a wide range of materials testing equipment for concrete testing, asphalt testing, aggregate testing, soil testing, and cement testing. Our supplies can be used in the field or in the lab to ensure your materials are top quality for your industry. We don’t skimp on quality, and we believe you shouldn’t either. We sell only the best in material testing products and equipment so you can complete your testing with the assurance that your equipment will help give you accurate readings



The importance of testing and ensuring the quality of concrete, cement, aggregate, asphalt, and soil goes beyond the lab, and the tests run. Knowing and understanding that each of these materials needs to be regulation for the stability and long-lasting wear and tear is critical for construction and avoiding erosion. We have a complete inventory of scales, thermometers, and ovens for the lab, cement mixers, beam testing equipment for concrete, compaction molds for soil testing, sieves for aggregate materials and much more!