Gilson HM-78 Concrete Initial Set Pocket Penetrometer (Dial Type)


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The Initial Set Concrete Pocket Penetrometer (Dial Type) is a compact instrument fitted with an easy to read 2.25in (57mm) diameter dial gauge for easy concrete setting time testing. Dual scales of 0 to 700psi and 0 to 50kg/cm² indicate resistance. Maximum readings are locked in until released by push button. The instrument can be calibrated using an ordinary platform balance and adding or removing the register plates provided. Plastic case, factory certification, and instructions are included.

The Initial Set Concrete Pocket Penetrometer (Dial Type) allows estimates of when concrete mixes are approaching their initial set. Concrete that has reached initial set can no longer be effectively consolidated, and is nearly ready for final finishing operations. ASTM tests define the initial set of concrete mortar as when 500psi (3.4mPa) of force is required to embed a penetration probe to a depth of 1in. This penetrometer model is equipped with a 1/20in² (32.3mm²) penetration plunger, which are simply pushed into fresh concrete at a constant rate to the mark scribed at 1in (25mm). It can also be used in evaluations of mortars for unit masonry when equipped with the optional 2.7in (68.58mm) diameter Adaptor Foot.

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Concrete Pocket Penetrometer Specifications

  • Overall length is 6in (152mm)
  • Complies with ASTM C780